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"Turn Your Bed Into Basecamp"  
About Us

RentAltitude.com is a division of Hypoxico Inc, the world leaders in altitude simulation systems.  Hypoxico was founded in 1995 by inventor/engineer Gary Kotliar upon the creation of the worlds first practical hypoxic training system.  All Hypoxico equipment is now patent protected. Over the past 10 years, Hypoxico has delivered altitude training systems and expert physiological advice to hundreds of the worlds most elite athletes. 

The goal of the RentAltitude division is to bring altitude training systems into the homes of climbers and mountaineers via an affordable and flexible rental plan.

Do you have great contacts in the climbing community?  Would you like to increase your income by becoming a represnetive of RentAltitude.com or Hypoxico Altitude Training System?  If so, please contact +1.212.972.1009


Rent today to prepare for your next trek!  Rent for 10 weeks for @ $139/week. 

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CALL TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SYSTEM 1.888.666.6521 (International +1.646.485.8884)